Rockillers Shoe Claymation!

Claymation by Ripstyle Alejo CandeloAlejoh Candelo, concept designer of the Ripstyle Rockillers shoe, together with  another Ripstyle Legend, Winston Wardwell, created this cool claymation movie featuring the Ripstyle Rockillers shoe. Read the full story with pictures of the claymation process on the Rockillers blog.

RK SHOE CLAYMATION from Alejoh on Vimeo.

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Domenik Koch wins Rock the Garden 3! (in the under 16 category)

Domenik Koch Prodigy Rollerblader wins the Rock the Garden Contest

We are proud to announce that Our Awesome Little Rollerblader, Domenik Koch, won the the third edition of the “Rock the Garden” rollerblading contest in the under 16 category!   Continue reading

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New Tommy-P Collab: Old Western Medisun!

Old Western Medisun: Hip Hop initiative formed by Ripstyle representative Tommy P.  and producer Mista eFF.Ripstyle representative Tommy-P. has banded together with producer Mista eFF to form a new Hip Hop group called “Old western Medisun“. The first fruit of their labour available to the public is this track called “The intermission”, and for this piece they also collaborated with awesome soulful vocalist Ava Graye. “The intermission” is from their first album “Ten Paces at dawn” that will be out sometime soon. Follow their facebook to keep up with the project.

The Intermission (featuring. Ava Graye) by tommy-PLUV

Photo Credits: Jay Evans

Continue reading

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RESULTS! Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation Challenge.

Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation Challenge

Happy happy PuTTY SSH tunnel X11 forwarding , joy joy! It has been a while since we passed the submission deadline of the Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation Challenge, but finally the time is here. We coordinated with our international skate team, went through all entries, and now the results are in: we can announce the winners!

The winners of the 2011 Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation Challenge are:

Drum Roll!….

  1. Scott Dawda!
  2. Michael Briggs.
  3. David Michel.

The winners will be contacted shortly about their Ripstyle prize packages.

Ripstyle and Rollernews thank all who got off their butts, and took on the challenge to try and create something new for rollerblading and themselves! We are proud of you: keep progressing!

This is the winning entry by Scott Dawda:

Ripstyle: still kicking!

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09/07/2011: Rock the Garden 3!

Ripstyle Rock the garden 3

On the ninth of July, it is time for the third edition of the Rock the Garden Miniramp Rollerblading contest. This year the contest is an official stop in the Grindhouse Miniramp Serie 2011, and will take place in the german city of Bremen, at the skate park that is also the training grounds of local ripper and Ripstyle sponsored, young rollerblading gun, Domenik Koch. Continue reading

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Sharky featured in Balance Rolling Magazine!

Ripstyle’s Romanian multitalented artist dude, Cătălin Olteanu just had some of his pictures featured in an online magazine called Balance Rolling Mag. The latest issue of magazine is out on their issuu website. Below are some pictures that were featured in the magazine. Continue reading

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Romain Zwahlen: Ripstyle Golf’s latest addition to the pro team

Romain Zwahlen pro for Ripstyle Golf

Romain Zwahlen is the latest addition to the Ripstyle Golf team. A motivated individual from France with a love for colourful golf shoes, music and most of all his family. We welcome him in our midst, and to give you a little bit of an idea who he is, we asked him some questions: Continue reading

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Introducing Larry Hawthorne aka “The Original Lady Killer”!

Ripstyle introduces Singer, Dancer and entertainer Larry Hawthorne

Larry Hawthorne aka “The Original Lady Killer” hails from Flint, Michigan. As coming from the gritty violent streets of Flint, Larry knew the paths of the streets was a dead end after witnessing the murder of a friend and decided to find another path to travel, as Larry started out as a freestyle dancer with styles that range from Tap to Urban Hip Hop; however this wasn’t enough to quench the thirst of being on stage and he wrote, produced and performed on his first CD titled “Here’s 2 U” capturing the attention of major labels in Germany but that was to be short lived. Continue reading

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DJ Roy Le Freak – Ripstyle Interview


1. Roy Buy Zithromax , How long have you been a DJ, and what are your roots?
I have been a DJ since 1995, my roots come from break dancing because in the 80´s and 90´s, I was an active dancer. I bought the coolest Black music records I could get my hands on, 2 Technics turntables and a mixer to make my own music for the shows I was always doing at the time.

2. You have been associated with many international musicians, who was your favorite to work with?
Oh, good question, that was in fact many! I really can’t single one out as a favorite, there were so many different styles and personalities and most of them were and are still very good.

3. How do you see the progression of Hip Hop since you started?
I have been being asked this a lot lately. Hip Hop has become very commercial PuTTY SSH tunnel , it is a culture and cultures always evolve, Hip Hop is no different. many people do not really spend time to get to know what real Hip Hop is, most do not even know what it actually is! I see it with a smile and a frown, but this new “Pop Black Music” ala David Guetta has nothing at all to do with Hip Hop or Black Music. I have been living Hip Hop since 1984, I don’t know what that is, but it is not what I call Hip Hop.

4. If you had to choose music to do a legendary set of Hip Hop fanatics, what would be your favorite decade to choose music from? 80´s, 90´s, 00´s or 2010 +?
80s and 90s – no contest!

5. Who were your main influences coming up?
I love Music, it could be Rap, R&B, Ragga, House, Rock, Classical, Pop, whatever. Yeah, I make my money with Black Music, but I listen to everything as long as it is made well, and I try to let some of that flow into my sets, but, Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, Sugarhill Gang, KRS-One have always fascinated me, and have moulded me. Flash is still a big WOW for me!

6. What was your reaction when Ripstyle offered you the chance to create your own Signature shoe?
Huge, as we say in German, “it was a Hammer” What DJs can claim to have their own Signature shoe? T-shirts, Stickers, Caps, Mixtapes, was stuff that every DJ had at one point or another, but a Signature shoe!?!? I almost fell out when I heard, the best thing though is that I am still able to give out T- shirts, Caps, and loads of promo stuff when I am in the club to my fans.

7. What can we look forward to in the “Ripstyle Party Series“?
Alongside the newest footwear trends in the Ripstyle Collection, there is a full program just waiting for the club people. Shows, Raffles, Giveaways, and Contests are a mainstay. MC Young 6ixx, a Rapper from Inglewood, California has the Rap Show locked down. A musical mix containing Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall and House can be expected from DJ MX and myself. In addition, the heads over at Ripstyle Brand are preparing a portfolio to bring over some stateside talent they support, here to Europe – for example Uprite Lions, Khari Pharoah Santiago, Tommy P, and even Ria Eaton, so we all have something special to look forward to.

8. What can we expect from Dj Roy Lefreak in the future?
Right now I am concentrating on Ripstyle Brand and DJing right now. I also should be working on my “25 years in Business Clubtour” that should have started at the beginning of 2011…but then, uh…Ripstyle came to be….haha, Just Kidding! It is really one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life. My projects with PPC soundsystem, and my new mixtape have to be out by summer, my clubfreaks are already waiting for it, as you can tell, a lot going on…but I LOVE IT!

9. Can you give us your website? or Myspace page?
Of course, for sure…mental note, my new webpage has to get done as well haha….

10. Anyone you would like to shout out?
Yeah, the whole world! well, I normally dont like this part, you know “make sure you dont forget anyone!” but ok, off the top of my head – My One and Only Lady Rita, my family, my real friends, the PPC Crew, the 100 Friends Crew, Franky and the Heftig Crew, All my Lovers and Haters, Ripstyle Brand, and sorry if I forgot anyone, but if I continue the list would be longer than the interview! Peace, Roy Le Freak

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Ripstyle Brand profiled on!

Buy Ciclonal Doxycycline ,0,40,0″>

We recently sent the guys over at itsNOTFORgirls a pair of Neon Fluorescents
to check out, they made a video and some pictures and profiled us on their
site: reading

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