Party Time! Sharky @ Bass Turbat, Tonight! 25/03/2011

Tonight, 25 March 2011, Ripstyle representative Catalin Olteanu, maybe best known under his alias “Sharky” will be performing at Bass Turbat, in Club Fabrica somewhere in Romenia. I don’t read any Romanian, but I am sure it will be an opportunity to have a great party time, so if you happen to find yourself in Bucharest this night, be sure to go there.

The Multiple musical orgasms will be delivered by Gojira, Tremour, Sharky and Unlocka alongside Dazecraft!

You can find the event on Face book at

If you are into clubbing and parties it might be a good idea to get in touch with the guys of the Ripstyle Party Series to find out if they will be visiting a venue near you: they offer parties you will never forget.

Catalin Olteanu AKA Sharky performing

Catalin is an enthusiastic Romanian guy, some of his interest are: rollerblading, photography Dj-ing, mixing, drawing, creating custom furniture, making wall art, riding bicycles, etc etc.  We are expecting that his enthusiasm and all round versatility will make him a valuable addition to the Ripstyle team.

Here’s a mix Sharky did a while ago for clubaction:

Sharky’s mix cloud:

Sharky and Ripstyle Brand are currently cooperating on creating a signature shoe that will match his versatile interests.

PuTTY log , party time, Ripstyle Artist Sharky perfoming” src=”” alt=”Bass Turbat ” width=”600″ height=”900″ />

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