Ripstyle Pogo Superstars Breaking the Bank!

Destroyed by pogo is a show appearing on the pogofred youtube channel where the hosts Fred and Nick are your hosts in a plethora of videos that feature random acts of destruction… … … by pogos!

In this video you can watch our Ripstyle Pogo Superstars Fred Grzybowski and Nick McClintock breaking the bank. … Well, piggy banks that is.  Hmm… could this be a well planned act of symbolic protest against the current economic distress, or are these guys just having fun by randomly destroying all kinds of things with their pogos? … Probably the latter.

Ripstyle Brand is supporting this, interesting, process of creation by destruction by supplying these pogo dudes with the shoes they are wearing in the video: The Runner Pacer Green from our great runner collection,  and the DJ Roy Le Freak Signature shoe from our livestyle collection.

Nick and Fred are part of the infamous Stunt Double Circus.

Ripstyle: Destruction is a form of creation!  …by pogos!?

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