Ripstyle Brand & Innovation Challenge!

Are you a rollerblader with some imagination, originality and the skills to match, are you looking to make a change? This is your chance to win some great Ripstyle Gear and help progress rollerblading in the process.

In celebration of the release of our 2011 Livestyle Collection, Ripstyle Brand, in cooperation with, is organizing our first rollerblading Innovation Challenge. Simply put, the goal is to come up with a new solid trick. It really can be anything, think out of the box, be creative, tech, whatever floats your boat. Your trick not only has to be original, it also has to be documented on video. The main guidelines are that:

  • Your clips have to be 30 seconds to 1 minute long, no music, featuring an original trick or switches.
  • You can enter as many entries as you want.

Read the exact rules and guidelines on the contest page at!

Ripstyle brand shoes & rollernews 2011 Innovation Challenge

During the competition Rollernews will gather and upload all accepted entries on the innovation challenge youtube channel.  You have 6 weeks from now to think of a new trick, record it on video and submit it to the contest. The contest will close the 1st of June at 17:00.

Once the competition is closed, Rollernews and our Ripstyle inline team will choose the winners. First, second and third places will win ripstyle prizes.

1st place: You as a winner, will get a full set of Ripstyle Gear consisting of one pair of shoes of your choice from the 2011 Ripstyle Livestyle Collection + “Sneaky Oogler” Sunglasses + “Simple Pile Up” T-shirt + Cap / hat of your choice + Bunch of wristbands + Set of  magnets (4 different designs) + Set of rubber coasters (3 different designs) + Purse Holder + Cosmetic Mirror + necklace + zipper lanyard

2nd and 3rd place will also win a pair of the 2011 Livestyle shoes of
their choice.

So if you feel like winning some awesome Ripstyle gear or just want to get creative, go to now, read the exact rules on their contest page, start innovating and don’t forget to document your inventions!

Rollernews Contest page:

Good luck & don’t break yourself!

If you don’t win, or just don’t want to enter the contest, but still like our shoes: Our products are available online at and

Ripstyle: Winning!

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3 Responses to Ripstyle Brand & Innovation Challenge!

  1. Seth Wilson says:

    you guys rock, not feeling the neon shoe but all of the rest of them are nice are you guys going to come to chicago?

  2. at of the comments on rollernews are just rude i am not like them i like the shoes and just bought the black ben shade on amazon to support you guys i think it is cool you help skaters thanks

  3. Amy says:

    I got my Ripple Red in the mail today and I love them! they feel sooooo goood! now my Mom wants some too >:)

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