Easter Egg Hunt Give Away!

Ripstyle Brand is proud to announce 2011 Easter Egg Hunt Give Away! Free Ripstyle shoes on easter! We have hidden 3 easter eggs on random pages of our website. Each easter egg will be accompanied by a code. Whoever is the first to email us the code of an easter egg to info@ripstyle-brand.com will win the prize that goes with the code!

We have hidden three Easter eggs:

  1. One pair of shoes of your choice from our 2011 Livestyle Collection.
  2. One of our baseball caps of your choice.
  3. One Ripstyle Simply Great T-Shirt.

If you’re interested in a free pair of great Ripstyle shoes we would advise you to go to our website and start the hunt ASAP. This blog doesn’t exactly have a high volume of readers, but there are more people on the prowl for sure! Don’t let them beat you!


If you are just too lazy to search for the Easter eggs, an easier way of getting your hands on some Ripstyle shoes would be to just buy our products from our webstores: http://buy.ripstyle-brand.net and http://www.ripstyle-brand.com/shop

Ripstyle: Gotta catch ‘em all!

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