Introducing Larry Hawthorne aka “The Original Lady Killer”!

Ripstyle introduces Singer, Dancer and entertainer Larry Hawthorne

Larry Hawthorne aka “The Original Lady Killer” hails from Flint, Michigan. As coming from the gritty violent streets of Flint, Larry knew the paths of the streets was a dead end after witnessing the murder of a friend and decided to find another path to travel, as Larry started out as a freestyle dancer with styles that range from Tap to Urban Hip Hop; however this wasn’t enough to quench the thirst of being on stage and he wrote, produced and performed on his first CD titled “Here’s 2 U” capturing the attention of major labels in Germany but that was to be short lived.

As a rapper Larry performed mostly on the underground circuit performing with German artists such as Afrob, Cora E, Stieber Twins, Microphone Mafia, etc. Labels offered Larry contracts; however the signings never occurred and Larry started writing for other artists, his track “Hype Like Dynamite” made its way into South Africa and became the music for a beer commercial. He also struck gold when his dance track “Vamos Ala Playa” entered the Dutch charts at No. 79 which was written by Larry and produced by Adam Schaier and Nino Tielmann for BMG Ariola.

Ripstyle introduces Singer, Dancer and entertainer Larry Hawthorne

Larry also wrote an uncredited track “Lucky” for East-West records and it was recorded by American Rapper Kurtis Blow for Public Attack records a defunct label from Frankfurt Germany.

Larry was scheduled to go on tour with Toni Braxton and fate intervened but it was in Larry’s eyes the best thing that happened, Larry’s manager had a stroke which caused Larry to be scrapped from the tour; however it was then that Larry when to the US and met Babyface at a trade show and the hour long talk inspired Larry to write more songs which has accumulated over 450 tracks written by Larry.

Ripstyle introduces Singer, Dancer and entertainer Larry Hawthorne

Specializing in ballads Larry moniker “The Lady Killer” was born when Larry performed at the German Open and introduced his ballad “One More Try” and got a 5 minute standing ovation. As an innovator Larry performs hiphop mixed with rock and soul mixed with rock. His voice has landed him on RTL II, SWR, KIKA, ARD, ZDF, and other local tv stations. Larry has also performed for radio events KISS FM-Berlin Buy Abiclav Augmentin , Jam FM-Berlin, NRJ, BIG FM, RADIO Regenbogen, RPR1, Radio Ton, RMB Radio-Saarbrücken, ect.

Ripstyle introduces Singer, Dancer and entertainer Larry Hawthorne

Larry’s “Baby Come On Dance 4 Me” stayed six months on many internet radio station in the top 5 for six months, even RMB Radio named his 2007 performance the “Best Live Performance of the Year”.

Larry first major sponsoring came via Larry’s introduction of Karlis Bowman to Ripstyle Brand and now with the buzz being created about his upcoming single/video “My Exxxtasy” and the addition of Benjamin Shade as official choreographer, the sky’s the limit for Larry…..

Ripstyle introduces Singer, Dancer and entertainer Larry Hawthorne

Toot Ya Horn Productions
c/o Larry Eugene Hawthorne II
Postfach 1223,
D-67202 Frankenthal (Pfalz)
Tel: +49 6233 342 588
Mob: +49 176 376 62172



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