Ripstyle interview with Ripstyle Golf Player – Denise Charlotte Becker!

Denise Charlotte Becker was the first golfer to be selected for the  Ripstyle Golf Team. She is an unorthodox player, who has already accomplished so much in her very young life. Here at Ripstyle Brand, we support potential and it is very important to us to accept people as they are, and not some pre-designed persona. Denise is a prime example of this. Denise plays with her heart and gives her best, and that is what it is all about in Golf. We wanted to take the time to catch up with Denise and wish her the best for this upcoming Golf Season.

- First of all, tell us what attracted you to Ripstyle Golf?
Ripstyle is a new, young, and fresh brand that really mirrors my own personality. As I  myself, am young and extravagant, Ripstyle is the perfect fit for me.

- You seem like a very headstrong individual, does this help in Golf?
If you want to get to the top in Golf, you will need a healthy dose of self confidence, and of course mental strength. Only through spiritual strength, will it be possible to get a foothold in this Career.

- Other than Golf, what other interests do you have?
This career takes up most of your time and demands pretty much everything from you, that being said, it is hard to have time for other endeavors.

- If you could pick any course to play on, which one would it be and why?
Every Golf course has something which inspires to want to play, and I can´t really think of any particular one that I prefer over another, because they are all special and enjoyable to me.

- What do you think about more and more people getting involved in Golf?
I really like to see more people getting into Golf and it becoming more widespread, it is not just for seniors anymore, it is for old and young, and really everyone.

- What is your biggest goal for this year?
I can’t really say, because nothing has happened yet, but I will say that I hope this season is better than the last!

- How important is family to you?

My family is very important to me because they give me support, and they are always there for me. It really helps to have a great family in the background to give me advice and stand by my side and just be there when it is going my way and not going my way in Golf.

- Ripstyle Brand incorporates many different Lifestyles and Sports into one company do you see this as a trend in the future?

Sure, and why not? Something like this is not commonplace, so, why not start a “boom”? I for one am happy to be a part of it ;-)

- If you had never picked up a golf club, what would have been your passion?
I think I would have probably become a professional Tennis player. I used to love Tennis and then came my first love for Golf, then Tennis just wasn´t current anymore.

- What is the strongest part of your game, and the weakest?

I will just say you can find your strengths in your weaknesses. ;-)

- What is the story behind your beloved headcover?
My Buffalo was given to me on my 18th Birthday and it has been my trusted companion ever since.

- When you broke the record at the Old Course at St. Andrews, how did you feel?
I have needed so much time to actually comprehend it, what I actually accomplished ;-) Little by little though I have learned to understand it and just think, “WOW! WOW Denise! You just matter-of-factly Broke a 30 year record!” it was simply an indescribable feeling. I now know what it means to be “in the flow” or as Americans say it “in the zone” at -10 degrees Celsius, we can even speak of an “ultimate in the zone”

- What is your favorite Ripstyle Shoe Style?
My personal favorite is the “Mid Brown” the one that looks similar to an “All Star” I am crazy about this style!

- Anyone you want to shout out?

Rock on Baby—Rock on;)

Ripstyle Brand is proud to have you as one of our Artists, and we wish you a very successful season!

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