Romain Zwahlen: Ripstyle Golf’s latest addition to the pro team

Romain Zwahlen pro for Ripstyle Golf

Romain Zwahlen is the latest addition to the Ripstyle Golf team. A motivated individual from France with a love for colourful golf shoes, music and most of all his family. We welcome him in our midst, and to give you a little bit of an idea who he is, we asked him some questions:

First of all, tell us what attracted you to Ripstyle Golf?
The first time I saw a Ripstyle Product was in a Magazine, and it was the Blitz Green model. I am really fond of shoes and I think it is really nice to have shoes coloured like that to play golf!

You seem like a very headstrong individual, does this help in Golf?
For sure. I think it is important to be strong in the head, but I am not really an individual person because I think that sharing experiences with others has always helped me to improve in golf and also in life. I think that the main thing is to be yourself on the course to play well in golf.

Romain Zwahlen: The latest addition to the great Ripstyle Golf Team!

Other than Golf, what other interests do you have?
I’m interested in music, soccer and more than everything taking care of my son.

If you could pick any course to play on, which one would it be and why?
I’d like to play Augusta National during the Masters, because I think it’s one of the most difficult courses in the world and to play it under pressure must be really cool!

What do you think about more and more people getting involved in Golf?
I think that the more people we can get involved in golf, the better it will be for this sport.
To develop our sport in Europe we need to get the interest of as many people as possible.

Romain Zwahlen: The latest addition to the great Ripstyle Golf Team!What is your your main goal for this season?
I would like to play on the challenge tour with a full category for the next season.

How important is family to you?
I think that it is really important for me, because it is my balance in life and I know that everything can happen. I’ll always have my family on my side.

Ripstyle Brand incorporates many different Lifestyles and Sports into one company do you see this as a trend in the future?
I think that a brand must be everywhere to be well known, and it is good to have people from different backgrounds to make an emulation and an improvement for a company.

Romain Zwahlen: The latest addition to the great Ripstyle Golf Team!If you never had picked up a golfclub, what would have been your passion?
I think if golf wasn’t here I’d like to be a DJ.

What is the strongest part of your game, and the weakest?
I don’t really have a strongest part in my game but i think that my concistency can be my trump card. I think that the weakness in my game is that I sometimes have a lack of concentration that can cost a lot on the scorecard at the end.

What is your favorite Ripstyle Shoe Style?
I really love the Blitz Blue.

Ripstyle Golf Blue Blitz Golf shoe. Ripstyle Colours the Course!The Ripstyle Golf Bliz blue shoe. Available in our webshop!

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