Sharky featured in Balance Rolling Magazine!

Ripstyle’s Romanian multitalented artist dude, Cătălin Olteanu just had some of his pictures featured in an online magazine called Balance Rolling Mag. The latest issue of magazine is out on their issuu website. Below are some pictures that were featured in the magazine.

Ripstyle brand foorwear's Catalin Olteanu's photography

Sadly this is their last issue. Balance Rolling Magazine had a short, but good life and the creator is moving on to do better, more useful things with his life. We really do hope there will be more positive initiatives like Balance Magazine from within the tiny, closed, lazy-assed, self-hating, homoerotic, underground community that is Rollerblading.

Dear Rollerbladers: rollerblading rules, but you suck! Your starship is heading for the sun, turn that turd around now!

Oh!, and for f**k’s sake, stop taking yourselves so seriously!

Ripstyle: Cares


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