09/07/2011: Rock the Garden 3!

Ripstyle Rock the garden 3

On the ninth of July, it is time for the third edition of the Rock the Garden Miniramp Rollerblading contest. This year the contest is an official stop in the Grindhouse Miniramp Serie 2011, and will take place in the german city of Bremen, at the skate park that is also the training grounds of local ripper and Ripstyle sponsored, young rollerblading gun, Domenik Koch.

Domenik Koch, Ripstyle footwear powered rollerblader, a child prodigyThe doors of the Sportgarten open at 10:00, the contest starts at 13:00, and lasts till 20:00.  Word on the street is that there might also be some BBQ involved!

Participants can sign up here: http://www.miniramp-masters.de/anmeldung/

The event is powered by XSK8.de, Be-Mag, Grindhouse, SAG Sport 2, Dom Seven, You Messe, Ripstyle Brand putty download , Chimera Conspiracy and Sportgarten Bremen.

Ripstyle Rollerblading hero, Domenik Koch, preparing for Rock the Garden.

Official Sportgarten website: http://www.sportgarten.de/index.php?id=93
Official Grindhouse Miniramp Masters page: http://www.miniramp-masters.de

Here is an impression of last years edition of Rock the Garden:https://antibiotictabs.com/levaquin/index.html ,0,40,0″>Miniramp Masters Bremen, Rock the Garden from Benni Momentz on Vimeo.

Ripstyle: Hopeful

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One Response to 09/07/2011: Rock the Garden 3!

  1. Dom Seven says:

    I had a good day today and was second of 46 riders and first in the Under 16 year olds
    Ripstyle Represented :)


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