RESULTS! Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation Challenge.

Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation Challenge

Happy happy PuTTY SSH tunnel X11 forwarding , joy joy! It has been a while since we passed the submission deadline of the Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation Challenge, but finally the time is here. We coordinated with our international skate team, went through all entries, and now the results are in: we can announce the winners!

The winners of the 2011 Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation Challenge are:

Drum Roll!….

  1. Scott Dawda!
  2. Michael Briggs.
  3. David Michel.

The winners will be contacted shortly about their Ripstyle prize packages.

Ripstyle and Rollernews thank all who got off their butts, and took on the challenge to try and create something new for rollerblading and themselves! We are proud of you: keep progressing!

This is the winning entry by Scott Dawda:

Ripstyle: still kicking!

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