New Tommy-P Collab: Old Western Medisun!

Old Western Medisun: Hip Hop initiative formed by Ripstyle representative Tommy P.  and producer Mista eFF.Ripstyle representative Tommy-P. has banded together with producer Mista eFF to form a new Hip Hop group called “Old western Medisun“. The first fruit of their labour available to the public is this track called “The intermission”, and for this piece they also collaborated with awesome soulful vocalist Ava Graye. “The intermission” is from their first album “Ten Paces at dawn” that will be out sometime soon. Follow their facebook to keep up with the project.

The Intermission (featuring. Ava Graye) by tommy-PLUV

Photo Credits: Jay Evans

Tommy P and Mista eFFOld Western Medisun
The Group OWM: ‘Old Western medisun’ or ‘Western Meds’ references the combined geographical origin of the group; Tommy being from the UK PuTTY download , but growing up on the West Coast of America, and ‘eFF’ born and raised in the West Midlands, UK where Tommy also originally resides from.
The two met at at a sound check of an upcoming gig and got to talking about their respective projects. Tommy immediately picked up on Adam’s enthusiasm for Hip-Hop and his knowledge of the genre, and after finding out that Adam was currently searching for a voice for his tracks, of which he was yet to find, it was decided that the two would meet up after the show and talk more, and later form the collaboration that is ‘OWM’.
The groups sound is as varied as you’ll hear in modern Hip-Hop, with ‘eFF’ intent on exploring various avenues when comprising his beats. The Album, “Ten Paces At Dawn” promises to be a diverse project with tracks ranging from real West Coast bangers, to Smooth jams, and the essential boom bap sound of the East Coast.

Tommy P
Tommy P.

Tommy.PLUV, real name Thomas Prendergast, was Born in England before moving to Orange County, California at the young age of 12. With the move came a new perspective, he was raised at the skatepark, grindin rails and breaking bones, listening to Underground and West Coast Rap music, and rollin with the crew he is still affiliated with today “The Rock Killers”. It was his respect for Hip-Hop that first got Tommy to pick up a pen and write. With the philosophy that if you listened to enough good music and have a passion for it, there’s no reason you can’t emulate that thing you love in your own style.
Upon returning to the UK, Tommy has been putting a lot of time into his music, whilst holding down a 9-5 to pay the bills any spare chance he gets he’s jottin’ down a few bars or rushing home on a lunch break to lay down an idea for a verse.
Like a lot of real cats in the game, Tommy writes about what he knows, about his own experiences and life from his cross-cultured perspective. He leaves the gun talking and gold chains to the experts and doesn’t concern himself with the growing trends of wealth and power that seem to dominate modern Rap culture. His eazy-going personality shines through constantly in the laid back vibe of most of his lyrics and the attitude towards the way he rhymes. Most of his energy is spent on exercising his penchant for wordplay and making you think about the things you maybe taking for granted in life, and tryin’ to drop some knowledge of some people taking things a little too seriously.
Shout out to “the Rock killers” and sponsors “Ripstyle-Brand” and “Kallusive Clothing”.

Mista eFFMista-eFF
Mista-eFF aka Adam Foster is a Producer from the West Midlands, UK. Adam Grew up with 2 brothers both of whom are heavily influenced by music and both of which played a part of passing that passion onto their youngest brother. Both resident Dj’s, 1 brother canedrive is an established, well respected producer in the UK whilst the other is part of the popular ’2damncheeky’ Dj duo in New York City.
This subsequently meant  ’eFF’ was around real heads from a young age and was bought up with it running through his veins. He Started off by Collecting vinyl and Dj’ing electronic dance music, then began producing music of the same genre. After some heavy hip hop, soul, jazz,  and funk exposure he has since found his calling and has never looked back. ‘eFF’ is now the producer component of the emcee/producer collaboration that is ‘Old Western Medisun’ also featuring Emcee Tommy-P. A real Perfectionist with an extensive knowledge of Hip-Hop ‘Mista-eFF’ is a producer who you probably haven’t have heard of yet but is bound to be breaking onto the scene and making a name for himself in the near future.
Producer Influences Include; DJ Premier, Pete Rock, J Dilla, large professor, damu the fudgemunk, grap luva, da beat miners,statik selektah, q tip, Marley marl, prince Paul, Eric b, alchemist, rza, Erick sermon, kev brown, marco polo, dr dre, Scott la rock, Jake one, ayatollah, 9th wonder, m phazes, j rawls, 14kt, havoc… Just to name a few!

Ava Graye
Ava Graye
The last piece to the ‘OWM’ puzzle was finding a female vocalist who would fit the bill. The Collab needed someone with the right sound to compliment the heavy soul influence present on Adam’s tracks, and a mask for Tommy’s Cali-Flow. That void was filled in the slender frame of the sassy brunette ‘Ava Graye’ -real name, Amy Williams, an up and coming singer from the area.
Ava fit right into the group and made her presence felt with immediate effect at the first recording session. Ava, however delicate she may appear, has an amazing presence on the mic and an immensely powerful voice that will blow you away. Listen out for Ava on the new album and upcoming solo efforts in the near future.

Old Western Medicine
Ripstyle: Collaborative.

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