Domenik Koch wins Rock the Garden 3! (in the under 16 category)

Domenik Koch Prodigy Rollerblader wins the Rock the Garden Contest

We are proud to announce that Our Awesome Little Rollerblader, Domenik Koch, won the the third edition of the “Rock the Garden” rollerblading contest in the under 16 category!  

We heard that Domenik represented Ripstyle in the german city of Bremen with a fine display of excellent rollerblading, and nearly won first place overall, even blowing all but one competitor of the 16 and up Category out of the water!

Ripstyle Sponsored rollerblading prodigy Domenik Koch

Congratulations, Domenik! You did a great job! We’re very proud of you, and happy to have you on board!

The event was powered by, Be-Mag, Grindhouse, SAG Sport 2, Dom Seven, You Messe, Ripstyle Brand PuTTY download , Chimera Conspiracy and Sportgarten Bremen.

The Next tour stop of the Grindhouse Miniramp Masters will be on the 23d of Juli in Leipzig. Keep checking the contest website for more info!

Results Under 16 Category

  1. Domenik Koch!
  2. Gideon Hagen
  3. Pascal Maluvues

Result 16 and Up Category

  1. Sascha Winters
  2. Sidney Hansen
  3. Melvin Siemianowski

Results Overall

  1. Sascha Winters
  2. Domenik Koch!
  3. Sidney Hansen

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One Response to Domenik Koch wins Rock the Garden 3! (in the under 16 category)

  1. Dom Seven says:

    Übersetzung von Deutsch nach Englisch

    Eelco many Thanks, Mark ,Karlis and all the Ripstyler I’m also very proud to be part of Ripstyle, but the story is not over yet!
    The second tour stop in the boiler house in Leibzig I could just get the same result again.)
    I’m really looking forward to the third stop in Bonn

    Edit official Rock the Garden

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