Ripstyle Brand supports Residents!

As an American living in Europe, having been a rap artist myself from way back, and „living the Hip Hop lifestyle” throughout all of the phases and evolution of the genre, it is hard to say the last time I was excited about a German group. Let me go even a step further, honestly, you will be hard pressed to find “evolutionary” Hip Hop in Germany, not that this is what should be happening, but as German Hip Hop evolved, there was much more junk than good stuff as far as I am concerned.

That being said, recently I was introduced to Residents.

Residents consist of Luney and Tris both born and raised in Bad Nauheim in Hessen, Germany. They both started rapping around 2005. It all began with some “afterwork” Freestyle sessions but soon the love for music and Hip Hop grew bigger and bigger and the first real tracks were recorded in Dojo Studio in Bad Nauheim. They recorded loads of tracks, but most of them never reached the light of day because, Residents stand for quality and solid production, and “it wasn´t ready yet”.

Residents – Was ich will by Luney

Finally, in 2009, Residents released their first official Album “Wesavehiphop”.
It features 21 Tracks comprised of lot of love, soul and realness. During this time they did a lot of live performances for example, as support acts for Sean Price, Dilated Peoples, Olli Banjo, Maeckes, Mädness and many more. Residents also won the biggest Rap contest in Frankfurt, the SAE Jam session which was a serious highlight. The Residents Live-show is diverse and exciting. It represents all 4 Elements of Hip Hop: Rap, Breakdancing, Graffiti and Dj´ing. If you have a chance to see it, get out there!

Residents – Residents by Ripstyle Brand

2011, Residents will release their next album. They are currently recording, and they plan to drop the bomb soon. Ripstyle Brand has now decided to support Residents into the future and is looking forward to working closely with them on future projects. Look for great things to come.

Residents – Laber mich nicht voll by Ripstyle Brand

Be sure to check out the Residents Myspace page and their Facebook group to keep up on the latest information, and of course right here on the Ripstyle Blog.

Residents – True Lies by Ripstyle Brand

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  1. Jaqueline says:

    Where exactly is the facebook like link ?

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