Ripstyle Golf Interview: Tara Dayer-Smith

Tara Dayer-Smith new Ripstyle Golf Pro

Tara Dayer-Smith is the most recent addition to the Ripstyle Golf Team. She made a unique comeback to the game of golf after 10 years off, setting herself a goal of just 6 months to turn pro and get onto the Ladies European Tour. Working with a strong team Tara achieved this goal and is now coming into her second year on tour. Here at Ripstyle we support potential, belief and determination. Tara is a prime example of this. Tara is highly motivated with a great sense of flare on and off the course……..

First of all , tell us what attracted you to Ripstyle Golf?
The first thing was the motto ‘colours the course’ I loved this instantly, I love wearing clothes and using kit that is a bit different and will get you noticed out on the course. Ripstyle is a fresh and innovative brand a perfect match for me.

You seem very focussed and have a plan for the next five years, does goal setting help you in all areas of golf?
Yes definitely, of course plans will change a bit, but I find it helps to be focussed on my goals, it gives me a lot of confidence in myself. I have a very holistical approach to training and life in general so to have a clear set of goals in my mind continually reminds me I am walking the right path.

Tara Dayer-Smith new 2011 Ripstyle Golf Pro

What other interests do you have outside of golf?
Currently I am training  as much as I can so my other interests take a back seat during the season. I am learning Japanese in preparation for playing on the Japanese LPGA, I am also very creative and love to draw and paint. Luckily my other love of travel I get to combine with my job :)

What is your favourite course?
I don’t really have one PuTTY quit command , of course there are many courses I would love to play, having had 10 years out of the game, I haven’t played anywhere near as many as I would have liked. Every course has its beauty for different reasons.

So what are your goals for this year?
I have been working really hard on my game pre-season so one of my goals is to be really happy with my game in general, to find enough sponsorship so that I can play a full season and of course my maiden win :)

What is the strongest and weakest parts of your game?
I don’t think it is that defineable, some days elements of my game are stronger than others but I strive to find the balance where all parts of my game are strong.

Tara Dayer-Smith new Ripstyle Golf Pro

Whats the story with your almost bald lion headcover?
Ha Ha my Lion head cover on my driver  is so old he looks like he needs a hair transplant but I love him , I am a Leo star sign and believe I display qualities of the Lion, my mum gave him to me before I stopped playing golf when I was 18 and we haven’t been able to find another like him.

Who inspires you most?
My family inspires me, we are all really close and that is very important to me. My team always inspires me and keeps me highly motivated. In our sport of course it has  Annika Sorenstam because she had an amazing game most of all mentally. Currently I am massively inspired by Martin Kaymer he is so laid back and chilled out  I love it. Seeing the good in life inspires me :)

What is your favourite Ripstyle product?
Wow….not sure if I can choose just one, I love my white carry bag it looks so awesome on a sunny day, I also love the mid brown shoe because it is so different, all the coloured shoes are so cool :)

What are you most looking forward to this season?
Just playing to be honest  I cannot wait for my first event  in a few weeks. Im also really looking forward to going to watch the Solheim cup in September :)

Anyone you want to shout out to?
A massive heyyyyyy to my fellow Ripstyle team mates, GOOD LUCK this season , Peace  x :)

More in formation about Tara available on her official website:

Tara Dayer-Smith new Ripstyle Golf Pro

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