Introducing Tommy-P!

Introducing Tommy-P!
There is more to Tommy-P than meets the eye, you only need to hear him open his mouth to know that. The transatlantic twang created after being born in the UK, but moving to California as the age of 12 is evident in his accent and his multicultural lingo. Now back in The UK, 12 years later, and 24 years of age, Tommy-P is ready to tell it how it is.

His music is a product of his travelled lifestyle and his Hip Hop influences growing up in the Suburbian Rays of Southern Orange County, all the while maintaining his down to earth English roots. From the skate parks to the house party’s, the girls to the homies, ‘Tommy Gun’ adds a very unique touch to Underground Hip Hop, focusing on lyrical finesse and extensive wordplay, his verses are always packed with a dynamic flow, and punchy one liners!

Tommy-P loves Ripstyle, and Ripstyle loves Tommy-P. Tommy is also an avid Rollerblader, and is part of the infamous rollerblading crew called The Rockillers,.

The whole of Runner Series are available in the USA at, and selected stores like Ima Teez in Aurora, Colorado.

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